Work Experience Week

28th June 2023

Our Year 10 students are out this week developing skills and confidence with work experience opportunities across our region. In a special week off curriculum, Year 10 are discovering exciting opportunities across a range of different industries. The image below shows where our students are working.

As well as academic excellence, we pride ourselves on providing an inspiring, supportive and positive environment to give each student the skills and confidence she needs to succeed in learning and life. At the heart of what we do is a desire to build a school of innovative free thinkers, informed by a true feeling of social responsibility, a sense of togetherness and a growing awareness of the world around them.  Work Experience Week is a fantastic opportunity for our students to start building a professional network and to meet a range of different people with different backgrounds and specialisms.  These kinds of connections can be incredibly valuable in pursuing new career opportunities and gaining advice on career paths. Experience in a working environment will present challenges for Year 10 which they don’t usually tackle in school. School staff are visiting students in their various workplaces this week and we are delighted to share the resilience students are displaying as well as how their problem-solving skills are improving ‘on the job’ massively.  Well done Year 10 !

Mr D J Eggleston

Deputy Head, Teaching and Learning

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