Our KS3 Musical – Matilda JR!

15th June 2023

There was anticipation and excitement for our Key Stage 3 production for many months, as students in Years 7-9 had been guessing what production we would be performing when they returned to school in September. Thankfully, when the announcement finally came that we would be performing Matilda JR, everyone was very pleased and excited – it is such a popular musical that the opportunity to perform this adapted version was too good to miss. 

It was incredible to have so many of our students involved in this production. As well as enthusiastic performers, a large number of students took on responsibilities as members of stage crew, also painting scenery for the set and managing sound and light.  In total there were 77 students from both Wakefield Girls’ and QEGS involved in this production, and it was wonderful to see the students working together, across year groups and across the Foundation with staff, to put on the best performance possible.

Returning to the Foundation was visiting choreographer Katy Ray, who created fantastic showstoppers for our Sister Act and The Addams Family productions. Working with Katy was a great experience for our KS3 students, many of whom are dedicated dancers outside of school. We were delighted that many students were inspired to contribute their own choreography during rehearsals, which is something we always welcome and encourage.

We’re very proud of all our students who worked extremely hard during rehearsals to perfect their lines, and add nuance to their performances by tweaking their pitch, adding pauses, and altering their gestures and dancing to make their characters unique to them.

Over the two evenings, it was a delight to see so many familiar faces in the audience – welcoming family, friends and students of the Foundation to Jubilee Hall to watch our KS3 students. All of our students’ hard work over the past few months paid off, and they put on a spectacular performance; the audience were engaged throughout, with laughter booming and beaming smiles. We hope all of the students enjoyed themselves and are proud of the work they created together and the new friends they have made in the Foundation community.

Mr S Besford

Foundation Director of Drama

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