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Year 5 Bikeability Experience

10th May 2023

On Wednesday 10th May, as part of our Outdoor Education programme, Cycle North joined us in the Junior Section to provide a bikeability experience for our Year 5 students.

The team discussed the importance of always wearing a helmet when on a bike and wearing appropriate clothing as protection in the event of a crash or fall. They learnt about the gears on a bike and what terrain is best for each gear, how the gears might fatigue legs after cycling for a while, and how to steadily and effectively use brakes. 

The students played several fun games whilst cycling, such as weaving through cones and pretending the playground was a road and junction they had to signal and then turn out onto. 

Although many of our students have cycled before, it was a great opportunity for each to develop their varying confidence levels and spend some time focusing on cycling in the playground, in a calm and quiet environment with few obstacles or distractions. Moreover, the Cycle North team provided excellent one-to-one advice and support for those students who found it more challenging.

There is another bikeability session on Friday 12th May for more of our Year 5 students to enjoy.

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