Our time as Head / Deputy Head Girls

27th March 2023


As we prepare to announce our new Head Girl Team for 2023/24, our outgoing Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl share their reflections on their time leading the Head Girl Team of 2022/23.

Hooriya: “My 4-year-old self joining the school, never imagined that one day I would stand in front of staff and students as Head Girl.  

Highlights of my year include being kidnapped alongside Ms Boyes in the Christmas Revue. Where else would you see a Spice Girls Tribute and Wife Swap with QEGS in one production? 

I’ve had opportunities to speak candidly, encouraging everyone to be themselves. To speak publicly about the school and my own experiences has been a huge leap for a shy and quiet individual. I’ll always be grateful for the support and encouragement from cheerleaders who help each one of us feel empowered, together and aware.  

I look forward to the new Head Girl wearing my gown with the haphazardly hand stitched labels of past Head Girls, taking on the responsibilities and honour this role brings (and the busy email inbox!)

My advice for the new Head Girl is summed up succinctly in ‘Good is not a thing you are. It’s a thing you do’. Your quiet, understated actions can be powerful. Unlike Ms Marvel, there’s no bangle in this legacy but there is a beautiful bond between past and future head girls ensuring the magic never ends.”


Charlotte: “I can’t quite believe that it has been a whole year since our Senior Prefect Team was chosen, it has flown by so fast, and now we’re all getting ready to leave!

I have absolutely loved my year as Deputy Head Girl, and have loved the opportunity to work closely alongside those in my year, and the rest of the school to try and drive new and exciting changes forward.

For the new Senior Prefect Team chosen this year, and to anyone lower down school who will soon follow on, I would say to grab this opportunity by both hands and not let go. I have had so much fun this year helping organise different events, my favourite of course being our Christmas Revue, and seeing how our team has worked together bringing in new initiatives throughout the school. I would also say that wearing the gowns is just as exciting as you might expect, you really do feel like you’re in Harry Potter!

Throughout this year I have been able to really see the school from a new perspective and see how much everyone around us puts in to help make Wakefield Girls’ High School the best it can be, and I can’t wait to hear the legacies that our new Senior Prefect Team leave behind.”


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