Y13 Psychology Conference

23rd March 2023

On Wednesday 22nd March Year 13 Psychology students enjoyed a day of consolidating their learning and knowledge at an all day interactive session in the cinema at the White Rose Centre.

Hosted by Tutor2u, the AQA Psychology workshop was a great opportunity for students to work with and share study tips with students from other schools and colleges, and to polish their exam skills ready for the summer.

The workshops consisted of presentations delivered by senior AQA Psychology examiners and covered research methods, providing additional support to students on how to confidently analyse qualitative data and read descriptive statistics for quantitative data. Moreover, the experts mapped out the key assumptions, methods and treatments in the syllabus and then related these approaches to the key debates within Psychology. 

Lastly, the workshops focused on exam skills; writing effective essays, focusing on effective evaluation rather than description, and the planning process needed to answer exam questions. 

Mrs K Edge 

Head of Psychology

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