My experience as an Environmental Leader at Wakefield Girls’

15th March 2023

By BETTY CHAMBERLAIN, Environmental Senior Prefect


How it all started

From year 7 I always looked up to the senior prefects and throughout my time at school I tried to embrace all the leadership opportunities I could as I enjoy working as part of a team and working with a wide range of ages across the school. It was also a great chance to work with my peers in an area that I was passionate about. For me, applying to be a senior prefect was a great opportunity to gain more experience and valuable life skills for the future. 


A bit about being a Senior Prefect

A senior prefect works with Ms Boyes and the rest of the Head Girl team to support the school in improving its running. As the senior prefects have dedicated areas we focus on one key area within the school that we view needs changing or improving. The Senior Prefect’s role is one of responsibility and one where you are there to encourage other students to make the best of their time at school for example by taking a key role as the face of the school in events such as open day. 


Highlights of being a Senior Prefect and Environmental Lead

As a senior prefect I have helped run assemblies and set up new initiatives within school such as the eco schools committee which has helped improve my skills as working as part of a team and taking part in public speaking. My role as environmental senior prefect has led to me working with the junior school as part of a new gardening club meaning I have led and worked with groups of younger students as well. 


Projects I have been involved in

I’ve been involved in launching both eco-schools and the new generation earthshot club in school which has started the beginning of our school’s journey to become more sustainable. This has been a great opportunity to work with a range of students from year 3 to 13 which has been thoroughly enjoyable. 

How do younger students start to become a senior prefect?

Younger students can start their journey to becoming a senior prefect before year 12 by taking part in a range of clubs and taking on any leadership roles presented to them. This will allow them to develop skills needed to become a senior prefect and the confidence to work with students across different age groups. Younger students can also get involved with assemblies about areas they may be passionate about allowing them to improve their confidence in public speaking which is essential as a senior prefect. In year 12 it is important to make sure you take time over your application and think about which area you are passionate about which will be valuable in your application to show your enthusiasm for the role. 

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