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House Bake-Off Final!

24th February 2023

Monday 20th February was a very exciting day in WGHS! Not only did we welcome students back to school after half-term, it was also the final of the House Bake Off competition 2023! 

In the previous round, students had to create their ‘signature bakes’ where they created either buns and cupcakes, or decorated biscuits and cookies. The competition was extremely popular, with over 40 entries in the final! That meant a lot of sweet treats for judges to try. 

In the final, students faced the ‘Showstopper’ round, in which they were tasked with baking a cake inspired by their House – whether that be their House colours, animal, chant or motto. The judges were amazed with the vast array of designs, from a pineapple, a minion, an owl, and a bear! The students really displayed their creative flare and baking prowess.

The five judges were Ms Boyes, Mrs Besford, Ms Boughton, Mrs Critch, Mrs Baldwin. They were judging the bakes based upon three categories: appearance, taste and texture, skill and ambition.

Ultimately, the judges decided that the winner for Key Stage 2 was Claudia H, a member of Blakey House. The judges thought Claudia’s ‘Blakey Bee cake’ was the perfect balance of beautiful decoration, whilst also having a great taste and texture. In Key Stage 3, judges decided Lucy and Heidi deserved first place for their amazing Blakey Monster cake! The girls had excelled in the signature bake round, and so there was a lot of anticipation for what they would create in the final. Ultimately, their ‘Blakey Monster cake’ was an astounding success!

Overall, Blakey baked up a storm in the competition. A great success for Blakey in the House Bake Off! The other Houses will have to get practising for the next baking challenge later on in the year…

All participants should be extremely proud of their creations, as the judges found it very difficult to decide.

Since the judges only tried little slices of each entry cake, they were then sold during Tuesday breaktime, in the Junior and Senior Section. Students had the chance to go and look at all of the different colourful creations. Profits raised from the bake sale are being divided equally between the four Houses’ chosen charities. The charities being supported this year are: Darjeeling Children’s Trust, Macmillan Cancer Support, Guide Dogs and CAP.

Mrs R Besford

English Teacher






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