Spanish Play & Review

30th November 2022

On Monday 28th November, we were delighted to welcome back the Onatti Company to perform a Spanish play for our Year 9 and 10 linguists.

As usual, students enjoyed a fantastic performance in Jubilee Hall. The play, Mi Personalidad, was both entertaining and educational.  Performed slowly and clearly in Spanish by two native Spanish actors, it was fabulous to see how well students followed the story and enjoyed the 50 minute performance. Thank you also to Rhiona for her review, below.


Mrs Lister

Head of Modern Foreign Languages


Review by Rhiona Lahiri

On Monday, the year 9s and 10s went to Jubilee Hall to watch a Spanish play. The play was called ‘Mi Personalidad’ which translates to ‘My personality’. It was all about a student called Fernando who had just joined University. He was very worried about making friends so some very strange people came to help him. Eventually, Fernando found his personality and made a new friend. 

It all started when Fernando tried to make a friend but she just walked away and paid no interest in him at all. Fernando got upset and wondered what he did wrong. He knew it had something to do with his personality. So, he decided to change it. Fernando had to experiment with a lot of different things. First he had to experiment with different clothes and then he had to experiment with different hairstyles but all these attempts didn’t really make him feel confident and he just ended up being frustrated. Every time he tried a new strategy, the girl just kept walking away.

The people helping Fernando  change his personality were quite mysterious because they kept entering through a window and it was quite strange. They were quite peculiar because they all seemed to have a very different personality and they just kept popping up out of nowhere. The first person who came to help him made him change his clothes into something very ‘elegante y guay’. In reality it was very quirky and weird. The second person came and made him try out some different sports and she insisted that he would try boxing. That was a bad suggestion because Fernando knocked out her tooth. 

Eventually, Fernando found that his personality was the goth style. He really enjoyed this style and went out to find the girl. She really liked this style too and became friends with Fernando.

This play was all about finding your personality and the message that it showed was that you don’t have to be someone else to fit in, you just have to be yourself. This play was very interactive and funny. The actors spoke really clearly and slowly so that we could all understand it. This play really boosted our self confidence and made us realise that we understood a lot more Spanish than what we thought we knew.  


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