Bronze DofE Expedition

22nd June 2022

On Friday 17th June, the hottest day of the year, we wished luck to Year 9 as they stepped out of Cobble Yard and into their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh weekend adventure. Nearly the whole year group participated which is absolutely remarkable and despite the challenges (warm weather, blisters, interesting map reading, tents …) the joy remained palpable and the activity was deemed a true success.   They walked through the local area, South of Wakefield and camped overnight at Woolley Edge. The next day they walked again in the local area, completing a minimum of 12 hours activity over the two days.

All participants did extremely well to complete the expedition considering the gruelling temperatures on Friday.  Everyone returned safe and well with memories created and new friendships forged.


Arianna Pascale shares her reflections:

I really enjoyed partaking in the Bronze DofE, as it left me with many new skills and memories. I especially enjoyed being with my friends and having to do problem-solving, even though we got lost a fair few times. I also enjoyed being at the campsite and setting up our place for the night, also doing cooking and making hot chocolate was very fun too.
I am definitely going to take part in Silver DofE!!

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