Y12 Life Drawing Art Trip

16th June 2022

Our programme of Art trips offers students the opportunity to enjoy a range of new experiences.  On Wednesday 15 June, Year 12 Art students took a trip to Sheffield to visit The Peace Gardens, The Millennium Gallery and The Graves Gallery.  Under sunny skies, Wakefield Girls arrived at Peace Gardens where they spent time sketching.  A Life Drawing workshop followed in The Millennium Gallery giving students guidance, encouragement and opportunities to practice and hone their skills. There was time for students to work on their individual A Level specific projects, taking inspiration in The Graves Gallery.


Maja Banas, Year 12 art student shares her reflections:

Our year 12 art trip to Sheffield started off with a walk around the winter gardens, which gave us the perfect scenery for some urban sketching.

We then arrived at The Millennium Gallery where we were able to participate in a life drawing session. During the warmup we were told to draw in many ways such as, with our non-dominant hand or with our eyes closed, this really helped us to draw more freely and be less precise with our work. We learned valuable skills during the session about observation and proportions, that will definitely be very useful for our art going forward. This was a totally new experience for all of us but we all really enjoyed it and we would definitely like to participate in a session like this again. 

Last but not least, we took a walk around The Graves Gallery, each of us choosing a piece relevant to our A-level projects from which we did another observational drawing and created a small analysis. 

This trip definitely made me feel much more confident in my own skills as I had not done much observational art before and I actually ended up really enjoying it. I think this definitely helped me learn the skills I need to improve my speed and proportions and it allowed me to realise that letting loose in my artwork can be beneficial and I don’t always have to be so controlled.

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