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Outgoing Head Girl Team Assembly

6th May 2022

Our school week commencing 3rd May started the firsts of the lasts with our wonderful Year 13.

It began with our fabulous 2021- 22 Head Girl Team handing over to our eagerly anticipated 2022 – 23 Head Girl Team and closed with a special assembly to mark and share all their contributions.    Led by two incredible young women, Eleanor Bowen (outgoing Head Girl) and Georgina Odgers (outgoing Deputy Head Girl), the team have worked closely together with grace, with grit and have been united in their goals; all incredible – with different strengths and qualities to complement each other. 

Our Head Girl team is truly at the heart of Wakefield Girls’, their roles amongst the most prestigious in the school.  Head, Ms Boyes, remarked upon the privilege it has been to work alongside the 2021 – 22 Head Girl Team and praised each for their great deal of commitment and the many hours they have given beyond the school day,  leading across so many areas of school life and serving as outstanding role models to younger students.

To our outgoing Senior Prefect Team,  thank you for being a voice for the students and for the legacies you leave behind:


Holly, one of the warmest and friendliest students in Sixth form: a a complete credit to the school and, most importantly, herself. Hard-working, intelligent and kind.  

Elizabeth,  a wonderfully erudite student with the capacity to produce the most precise, analytical writing.

Olivia, for always walking through the door with lots of energy, enthusiasm and curiosity, bringing commitment and her inquisitive nature to everything she does.

Emily, intelligent, articulate and striving for excellence in everything she does, bringing her own style and making things her own.

Sarah, for her phenomenal work ethic evident throughout her time as a Senior Prefect and also as the President of the Sixth Form medical society, striving for excellence in everything she does. 

Tara, for her effervescent, brave and resilient approach; always optimistic and with a smile on her face for every interaction – making her also a great leader for  Mackie House.

Mabel, for being full of spirit, energy and unfaltering determination, an integral member of the team; also working tirelessly as a student leader for chemistry.

Fay, for being a fantastic role model, throwing herself into activities and always the first to answer questions and share knowledge.

Katie, for her positivity, creativity, flexibility and a ‘can do’ spirit; recognised for serenely getting on with the practical business of getting things done, including leading Blakey House.

Molly, for being an incredibly hard worker, exceptional at self-managing and unswerving in her determination to be her very best self while caring about others. 

Gina, for demonstrating true grit and determination and not doing things by halves. Sharp and inquisitive, Gina presents as calm and composed in spite of the many plates she has had to spin. She has always been a great team player and she has demonstrated superb leadership skills in her role.

Eleanor, for her mature agility, reliability and integrity which has meant that everything has been done to the highest level and all her team have been involved and engaged, no one overlooked. Eleanor has had an incredible impact; representing the school and promoting the best interests of her peers without fear or favour; she has driven change and leaves behind a legacy of someone who values tradition and embraces the future.


To all our beloved Year 13, class of 2021-22, you will be very much missed. We know you will go onto great things in your field of interest and you will continue to flourish and shine. We sincerely hope you know how fabulous you all are. We look forward to the traditions that follow for you over the next week.

Pictures on Facebook and Firefly.

Image of incoming 2021 – 22 Head Girl Team on the day of their appointment:


Image of outgoing 2021 – 22 Head Girl Team, 6th May 2022


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