Introducing Wakefield Girls’ Head Girl Team 2022 / 23

3rd May 2022

A real highlight of our school year is the announcement of our prestigious Head Girl, Deputy Head Girl and Senior Prefect Team.   


The students in these positions have many responsibilities across school.   They are superb ambassadors for Wakefield Girls’ – reflecting our ethos and values, showing commitment and drive.  They represent Wakefield Girls’ at public facing events, they represent all of our students and act as their voice, they support staff and are role models offering valuable support and insight.  Crucially, they help make the school an even better, richer experience for us all, strengthening our relationships with each other and encouraging us all to be ourselves and not someone else.


On 3rd May Wakefield Girls united in a significant assembly to meet their new team for 2022-23 following the thorough application process which started before Easter and included: 

  1. written applications to the Head
  2. an initial voting round involving Year 12 and staff, followed by… 
  3. Hustings – so all students have a voice and contribute to deciding upon who will represent them. After votes were cast….
  4. final interviews

The appointments have been eagerly awaited ! Our wonderful outgoing Head Girl team were in Jubilee Hall to hand over their gowns to our new team members who joined Ms Boyes and Dr Rhodes on stage in front of the school for their congratulations and medal.


We are delighted to announce Hooriya Fida as Head Girl of 2022-23.  Hooriya has demonstrated commitment throughout all her years at Wakefield Girls’ and is a team player as well as a leader. She is aspirational and inspiring;  creative and pragmatic as well as a great role model.  In her role as Head Girl, Hooriya will drive change.  She is charitable and generous, she will be bold, she demonstrates strong emotional intelligence and values all our community has to offer.


Charlotte McKinlay was announced as Deputy Head Girl. Charlotte is a great team player and leader.  She is not shy of hard work, is very committed and very driven – always with a smile. 


Our Senior Prefects were announced, all sharing characteristics in common:  enthusiasm, empathy, energy, commitment, determination, reliability, helpfulness, kindness, consideration, ambition and integrity.  They are all self-reflective and make up a great diverse team with different qualities, skills and strengths.  Congratulations to: Antonia Maddan, Naomi Pridham,  Mathusa Logeswaran, Jess Morrison, Leah Davis, Sophie Burrell, Betty Chamberlain, Molly Ann Pritchard, Esther Raw and Lizzie Mackenzie.


Ms Boyes praised the care and thought which all candidates invested into the whole application process:  “I was overwhelmed by the number of letters I received and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each – finding out a little bit more about you, what motivates you and what you feel you would bring to the role. Thank you for sharing this with me – it really is a privilege.  To all applicants, whether you have been elected into a position or not, it is fair to say that you have all given something to the school, that you are all proud of Wakefield Girls’ and what we represent and you all have masses to offer in one capacity or another to the school. So thank you to those of you who put yourselves forward. This takes confidence and courage. “


Congratulations go to the Head Girl Team of Wakefield Girls’ High School 2022-23 with very best wishes for the year ahead. The traditional run down Northgate took place – see this and other pictures of the event over on Facebook.

More pictures over on Facebook


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