Lego Challenge Winners

28th January 2022
A team of Year 8 & 9 students travelled to De Montfort University, Leicester on 26th January to compete against 15 other schools in the First Lego League Challenge. After delivering presentations on their adherence to the scheme’s core values, their innovation project and the robot design, the students perfected their robot’s performance, sorting out issues to come up with the best solutions which would give the greatest reward – most points in the robot game.  Congratulations on your winning performances girls !

Year 9 student Arianna Pascale writes: On Wednesday 26th January, my teammates and I participated in our First Lego League challenge! We had spent three months preparing, researching and practising to achieve our final outcome. Upon arriving, we were allocated a table and received a schedule. We rushed to the lego tables to try and get one so we could practise and perfect the performance of our robot, it was a frenzy. After about half an hour we were called into the judes room to present our core values, innovation project and robot design presentations. It was very nerve-racking but we powered through and by the end we were quickly racing through all the questions they were asking us, upon finishing we felt much more confident in ourselves. We went back to perfecting our robot performances and after a while we had worked up quite an appetite. Shortly after lunch we weren’t allowed to practise on the boards anymore, now it was time to show our robot game, we were up first! We allocated 4 people who would switch in and out of the board and execute the tasks to the greatest extent possible, the rest of us stood back and cheered them on, supporting them no matter what. After we had our first game we felt much more confident in ourselves, however there were a few issues so while waiting for the next game to commence, we sorted out our issues and came up with the best solutions which would reward us the greatest. We cheered on our opponents and wished them the best of luck. After this we had two more tries to show ur robot game, on the last game we encountered a few hiccups, our robot didn’t perform some tasks; however Eleanora used her quick thinking skills and stepped in, she realised we had enough time left to try the new missions our robot failed to complete so she restarted the robot, this gave us a real advantage. Finally, most of the stressful parts of the day were over, now we just had to wait for the awards ceremony to start. The awards that were up for grabs were: most points in robot game, best robot design, innovation project, core values, judges award and finally the overall winner. We sat waiting, excited to see who won and hoping we were up there, finally the award for the most points in the robot game came around and we won it! We were pumped with glee, we collected our lego trophy and even got medals, we were so proud of ourselves! I would totally recommend for people to do this, it was a really rewarding experience which was amazing and made even better of how we got to do it with our friends and spend time together!

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