Home-School Partnership

Whilst all staff play a key role, the Form Tutor and Head of Year are the main point of contact for parents during a girl's school career.

The school carefully monitors each girl's progress both academically, personally and socially within the school, and would in the event of any concerns, make contact with home. Equally, this is a two way partnership, and in the event of any concerns parents are encouraged to speak to the appropriate member of staff, so that any issues can be resolved as soon as possible.

Routes of Communication

Academic - Subject Teacher or Head of Department
Pastoral Concerns - Form Tutor or Head of Year

For any serious issues, please contact members of the Senior Leadership Team or the Headmistress.

A girl's Planner is the first point of communication between home and school and is a useful mechanism for daily and weekly communications. In addition, each term there is always a formal contact between Home and School, whether a Grade Card, Parents' Evening or Full Report.

Key Facts

  • Annual Parents' Evening in Years 7-11, with 2 each year in Years 12 and 13
  • School communications take the form of letters, emails, newsletters and in person
  • All communications designed to keep you informed and updated of you daughter's progress
  • Parents are encouraged to attend matches, concerts and plays
  • PASA is the thriving Parent/School organisation which arranges events and supports the school