The mechanics of EDGE

Each girl will choose a number of EDGE activities, depending upon her Year Group and complete the relevant EDGE Options Form.

Year 7 girls have their own set EDGE experience during their first year at WGHS

Year 8 and 9 will complete five EDGE activities during the academic year

Year 10 will complete four EDGE activities they have selected along with the personal care unit

Year 11 will complete four EDGE activities (blocks 1-4) allowing them to utilise EDGE 5 for GCSE revision

Years 12 and 13 will also complete four EDGE activities (blocks 1-4), allowing them to utilise EDGE 5 for A Level independent study and they may also choose to submit a case for an alternative activity for another one of their EDGEs

Next Steps

Carefully read the wide range of choices in offer and then select your 'Top 10' choices (ranked 1 to 10). Completed Options Forms must be returned to Form Tutors.

Key Facts

  • Number of EDGE activities chosen will be dependent upon year group
  • Some EDGEs will be seasonal due to their very nature