Ethos of the Department

The Psychology Department aims to create individuals with a long lasting interest in human behaviour and provides a lively and supportive environment so that students can effectively learn new and challenging information in a wide range of topics such as memory, childhood attachments, psychopathology, and social psychology. 

The multi paradigm approach that psychology has to offer enables students to look critically at explanations and research and also to apply their findings to everyday scenarios. Discussion and debate are encouraged in order to complement teacher-led sessions so that students might develop important skills for university and working life.

The specification (AQA) has been chosen in order that students of all levels of ability can achieve an understanding of Psychology, which reflects their ambitions and career aims. With a Psychology A-Level, students can pursue careers in a range of disciplines including law, business, human resources, education and medicine to name a few. It is intended that Psychology students at WGSF will leave with an enduring interest in Psychology and an understanding of how its principles can be applied in the real world.

Teaching Staff

Mrs K Edge (Head of Department)

Mr T Grunwell

Key Facts

  • A small, supportive Department
  • Joint teaching with QEGS at A level
  • Psychology provides an opportunity to study a new and interesting subject
  • Opportunities for debate and discussion
  • Diverse subject with many career paths
  • Many real life applications