General Science

Ethos of the Department

The Science Department ethos is to instil intellectual curiosity, aspiration and a love of learning in order to enable each girl to reach her full academic potential. Each girl is encouraged to discover her scientific talents through participation and contribution, and encouraged to take responsibility for her progress.

In the Science Department, Year 7 serves as an introduction to the scientific process, that is then extended into the separate sciences studied from Year 8 onwards. Girls are given many opportunities to develop their experimental skills and build their confidence in working with a range of equipment. They are provided with an environment in which they are valued and respected by celebrating effort and diligence as well as attainment.

Girls are encouraged to plan their own investigations and to answer scientific questions posed to them.

Teaching Staff

Mrs Dulcie Dabbs
Dr M Durrell
​Miss C Dollive
​Mrs M Sharma Kapoor
Mr M Wilson
Mrs J Yeomans

Key Facts

  • Girls are taught in the Year 7 fully equipped Science laboratory
  • A balanced curriculum of the separate sciences is delivered
  • There is a yearly programme of events through the ISSP designed to give girls a taste of Science in the real world
  • Girls have the opportunity to take part in Year 7 Chemistry Club and the National Bronze Crest Awards