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Ethos of the Department

The Classics Department aims to promote in girls a love and understanding of the Classical World – its politics, literature, mythology, history and ideals. Girls are encouraged to evaluate these societies and compare them with the modern world. Like Livy’s History, Classics lessons should aim to entertain and captivate girls’ minds and imaginations. Topics covered should inspire and develop in pupils a logical mind, precision and attention to detail.

The study of Classics presents girls with facts and opinions and encourages them to analyse what is good and bad in life both for themselves and for civilisation in general. Girls have the opportunity to study highly structured, inflected languages and appreciate their nuances and beauty. This enable girls to more fully understand the English language and appreciate its debt to Latin and Greek.

Teaching Staff

Mr J Hargreaves (Head of Department)
Mrs A Oliver
Mrs C Richards


Key Facts

  • Trip to Pompeii / Rome every second year
  • Wide range of subjects : Latin, Greek, Ancient history, Classical literature in translation
  • Greek offers an extra- curricular GCSE
  • Large, flexible teaching environment allowing for a range of different activities
  • Opportunity for girls to go on trips to Classical plays
  • Members of the Department are Chief and Principal examiners for AQA’s Classical Civilisation