It’s the way Old Savilians CONNECT AND STAY CONNECTED throughout their lives.

Friendships developed at QEGS are meaningful, deeply felt and long lasting. They extend well beyond the school gates and war memorial, on and on into later life. For many, the goodbye on the last day here is the start of a thousand hellos as they socialise and stay connected for decades to come.

As boys prepare to take the next steps in their journey, they are welcomed into the Old Savilians Club — an alumni network of over 6,500 ‘Old Boys’, around the world. Old Savilians, as former students are known, meet for regular events in Yorkshire, London and beyond. This lifelong connection with their school starts as a student and goes on throughout their lives wherever they may be.

Ethos & Values

The Old Savilians' Club

The Old Savilians’ Club exists to strengthen the bonds between all those who have shared experience of belonging to QEGS, a school proud of its reputation for friendliness and community as well as tradition and success.

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