Over the summer, we celebrated another year of outstanding GCSE success, with almost 60% of results being the top 9-7 grades. The boys’ results are well deserved, coming in the context of downward pressure on the numbers of top grades awarded nationally and following disruption to their secondary education. The boys are very well set to thrive in their future studies in the Sixth Form.

There were a number of stand out performances, with Fergus, Hashir, Shivansh, Daniel R, Kieran and Oliver achieving straight 9-8 grades (formerly straight A*s), and Daniel B, Faaris, Haris and Manveer all achieving at least 7 grade 9s. Indeed, 50 boys – almost half the year group – were awarded at least one of those coveted Grade 9s. And, across the full range of ability we have at QEGS, boys achieved results better than their benchmark expectations.

Oliver caps off a week of triumph in the Sharp household with a remarkable set of GCSE results, adding to his brother Will’s A-Level success last week.

From surprise to pure delight! Shivansh’s reaction says it all as he unveils his exceptional GCSE results.

Congratulations to Daniel, one of many boys who achieved at least 7 grade 9s in his GCSE results! He will now go on to study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Geography in the sixth form.

Dual celebrations! Manveer and Taran are all smiles as they bask in the glow of their impressive GCSE results. Another chapter of success for the Singh family at QEGS!

Cave House Captain, Chester, looks forward to the next chapter in his QEGS journey, going on to study Biology, Chemistry and Politics in the Sixth Form.

Dr Richard Brookes, Head, commented:

“I would like to congratulate all the boys on their achievements. They have attained outstanding results, particularly in the context of a national reduction in the numbers of top grades being awarded and having suffered a disrupted secondary education.

They have risen to these challenges through displaying great dedication, personal resilience, and academic aspiration. They have continued to make a super contribution to the life of the school too, having reached national and regional finals in Rugby and Hockey during their GCSE studies. I am looking forward to seeing the boys return to the Sixth Form in September when they will be able to build on these great performances.

I would like to thank the parents for all the support they have provided throughout their sons’ time at the school. I would also like to thank our teachers for their inspirational teaching and, moreover, their care for the boys.”

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