Hello and welcome to Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.

QEGS is one of the top independent boys’ schools in the country and has been educating boys for over 400 years.

Now, we aim to combine the best of a traditional approach with an openness to innovation to be a down-to-earth school which prepares boys to take their place in the modern world.

We aim to foster a sense of discovery, of intellectual curiosity. Our teachers revel in the subjects they love and so inspire the young men we are privileged to teach.

Alongside this academic excellence, our staff are committed to creating an environment that provides opportunities for self-expression and the development of self-confidence through a wide-ranging co-curricular programme. During their time at QEGS, our boys will experience an education that is energetic and fun, which will enable them to develop resilience for the challenges they will encounter in their lives after QEGS and a sense of proportion and humour to take those challenges in their stride.

The QEGS community is made up of people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives. We aim for our pupils to show respect for each other and to celebrate these differences in a culture characterised by kindness to enable each pupil to become the best version of himself with a confident sense of his individuality. We expect pupils to be kind to each other, to those beyond the school community, and to themselves.

At QEGS, your son will make friends for life and will become part of a network of alumni that will provide a source of support for his professional life.

I hope that you will want to visit QEGS to look around and experience the school for yourselves.

Dr Richard Brookes MChem