Wakefield Grammar School Foundation is committed to helping boys and girls from all backgrounds achieve their dreams, explore their capabilities and enjoy the best educational start in life. Bursaries start in Year 7 and are available for our Senior sections at WGHS and QEGS. 1 in 5 students receive a bursary or scholarship to help towards fees, providing the perfect springboard for the future.

The Governors of the Foundation award bursaries to families based on academic merit of the pupil. The awards are means tested and to be eligible the net household income must be less than £65,000 per annum and the market value of the principal residence must be less than £300,000.

The level of bursary awards given is between 25% and 75%, allocated on a sliding scale based on net household income. Please note, bursary funding for admission in September 2024 is now allocated. 

The table below shows the contribution from parents to fees if a bursary award is received:

Net Parental income Typical Foundation Award Parental contribution towards Fees*
Above £65,000 Not eligible Full fees – £16,899

Below £65,000:

25% £12,674.25
50% £8,449.50
75% £4,224.75

* Based on Senior Section school fees for 2024/2025.

This income will take account of any investments, assets or equity in property. Please note there is a 100% bursary opportunity at both WGHS and QEGS. These are awarded at the Head’s discretion to pupils who are eligible for a bursary award and have demonstrated exceptional qualities aligned with the School’s values during the admission process. Further information can be obtained from Admissions.