It’s the way BOYS FEEL AT HOME in our house system.

Our House system has enjoyed enormous success in the way it develops teamwork and leadership qualities and creates lifelong friendships. Whether they join us at the ages of 7 or 11, every boy takes great pride in belonging to one of the four school Houses throughout their time here at QEGS. Students instantly feel at home as they bring their energy and enthusiasm to one of four Houses – Bentley, Cave, Freeston and Savile, all named after founding families of our school.



Healthy competition in a harmonious House environment

The achievements of House members are many and varied as they provide a focus for boys’ energies on the sports field, in the classroom and in many other aspects of school life.
Besides helping boys to flourish, they also provide a competitive outlet for their talents across Athletics, Chess, Cricket, Cross Country, General Knowledge, Music, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming and many more areas.


It’s about being together and achieving together

With its own identity and loyal membership, each House engenders a shared sense of purpose and provides a supportive environment in which boys can relax, study, socialise and develop strong life-long friendships, provide a richly rewarding foundation for further education, careers and life.