It’s the way our boys get the support they need to BE EXCEPTIONAL.

Our school community creates one big friendly family atmosphere. A caring and supportive environment, where each boy is personally known, valued as a true individual and fully supported from the first minute of their first day here.

Boys are encouraged to be the best version of themselves’ and given every opportunity to make it happen. In our thriving QEGS community, integrity, consideration and support for one another are paramount and happiness underpins all aspects of school life. Mutual respect exists between staff and students and between students themselves, with good behaviour and courtesy to others, expected and always freely given.

From bonding to building a sense of belonging.

Boys of all ages have the opportunity to share their views on a range of school issues, enhancing relationships between students and teaching staff and, in turn, strengthening the sense of belonging within the school community.

In our Junior Section, there is a strong bond between staff and the boys. Individually boys are encouraged to approach a staff member if they have any concerns, with all issues sensitively handled. Collectively, class Circle Time each week allows boys to share ideas and opinions, as well as encouraging them to respect the views and feelings of others. The Class Teacher has a key role in developing each individual, acting as a parental figure for the boys in the class and helping to sort any problems which arise, either individually or as a group.

A joined-up approach, for everyone who joins our school.

In our Senior Section, often the first point of contact is the Form Tutor who monitors not only a boy’s progress academically, but also socially within the QEGS community. Heads of Year support each tutor and oversee all aspects of a student’s school career. The School Medical Team, with its own full-time Matron, is also here to cater for each boy’s individual needs and concerns.

While our specialist Learning Support team brings the best out of our bright boys who experience learning difficulties such as dyslexia, offering bespoke one-to-one support in all aspects of study, including organisation and revision techniques.