It’s the way we have ALL SORTS OF SPORTS to suit everyone.

From an early age, children love sport and in turn, we love to give them a broad and action-packed experience of sporting activities. Our unbeatable combination of specialist PE teachers, fantastic sporting facilities and the 3 dedicated hours we allocate every week for sport, gives them every opportunity to discover where their talents lie and develop a love of sport which will last them a lifetime.

From swimming to Swan Lake.

All children can apply to become a sports ambassador and the three hours we set aside for sport include weekly swimming lessons from Reception upwards. In addition to our timetabled sports, we also offer ballet and multi-sports as extra-curricular clubs open to all children.

From all kinds of pitches, to our own pool.

One of the benefits of being part of The Wakefield Grammar School Foundation is our ability to offer access to a range of sporting facilities that are not typically available to younger children.  This includes:

  • A purpose-built sports pavilion
  • Extensive outdoor sports fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Swimming pool
  • Netball courts