We are always pleased to hear from our parents. Here are some of the many comments we have received.

The Head Mrs. Gill and all the staff have been incredibly kind and helpful to us and our two girls. My husband and I are convinced Lucy wouldn’t be where she is now without all the support she’s been given by the Pre-Prep. The wide variety of learning facilities beyond the curriculum have helped Lucy and Faye to develop and flourish.
Parent of FS1 and Year 2 Children
When we were looking for a school for Rose, the most important thing for me as a mother was to find somewhere with a happy, nurturing environment, where people are kind and where children feel like they belong. When we visited WGPPS, it was clear that this was everything we were looking for in a school. I love the fact that there is something for every child, so many clubs, awards and leadership roles so that every child has an opportunity to shine. The children's achievements in and out of school are celebrated and there is a real mix of children with different interests. I couldn’t be happier with our choice of school, and Rose is happy and settled with lots of friends.
Parent of Year 2 Child
Daniel is thriving in WGPPS and he absolutely loves it, bouncing into school every day with a smile. His class is much smaller than his previous school - nearly half the number of students with 16 children in his current class, as opposed to 30 in his previous school. Previously he was not being stretched and this resulted in him becoming bored at school and wanting to learn more and more at home. Since Daniel moved over to WGPPS we’re really seeing him reach his potential - in his new class, the children’s work is tailored to their ability and spellings and Daniel loves the advanced reading classes. The extra-curricular offer is fantastic, there is so much choice! Daniel takes part in Martial Arts, PE club and Languages Club, all of which he enjoys. I have also been made to feel very welcome with the other parents and I am so happy with the decision to send Daniel to Wakefield Grammar School Foundation.
Year 2 Parent
The FS1 teaching staff lead by Mrs Smith are exceptional; we are fully confident that they are bringing out the best in our son’s abilities. Our son’s speech and reading skills have come along leaps and bounds since he started in FS1, helped by the school’s strong focus on reading and recommendations for books. What is special about WGPPS is that the pre-school is fully integrated into the foundation. Our son wears the same uniform as the rest of the school and has a timetable with both formal learning and hands-on activities, preparing him well for the move to FS2 next year. We love the variety of trips and extracurricular activities that are on offer at the school and look forward to him participating in the many adventures to come.
Parent of FS1 Child