It’s the way we empower children to lead and be involved FROM AN EARLY AGE.

In pre-prep, children are encouraged and taught to speak up, ask questions, share and present ideas, debate topics and reason with confidence. Big futures start early and by encouraging children to take on responsibility at the first opportunity, children soon learn that good leadership and good teamwork go hand in hand.

Giving children every opportunity to lead and succeed.

We offer plenty of leadership opportunities throughout the school via a broad range of student ambassador roles. All students have the opportunity to apply for these positions and use their energy and ideas to enhance all aspects of school life.

Children are never too young to lead.

Children in all years can apply to be a Friendship Buddy, a Sports Ambassador, an online Safety Champion and to represent their class as a member of the School Council.

From Year 1, children can apply to be a Library Champion. From Year 2 they can apply to be a Wellbeing Champion, a Reading Champion, and be elected as Deputy Head Girl & Boy, Head Girl & Boy and House Captain & Deputy.