Into the forest and beyond – our exciting trips and visits

We bring subjects and learning to life with a diverse programme of educational trips and visits.  Regular learning in our Forest School further enhances learning, helping each child to take an interest in the world around them and safely develop a sense of endeavour and fearlessness as they explore.

Growing knowledge in our Forest School

If you go down to the woods today, you’ll be surprised to see how we use learning beyond the classroom to add a whole new dimension to your child’s education. Our Forest School enables children to access magical outdoor learning, providing positive physical and wellbeing benefits, promoting self- awareness and independence and developing key collaboration and communication skills.

forest school

Let the adventure begin!

We want all our children to have the courage to try new experiences, take creative risks and experiment with their imaginations. That’s why we make outdoor learning such a key part of school life. In our Forest School, they play and learn adventurously, practising the independent, reflective thinking and decision-making that will inform their choices and progress later in life.

We teach pupils about limits and going beyond them, as they surprise themselves by discovering things they never knew they could do. By developing skills which can be used both in and outside of the classroom, they can either build self-esteem confidence through successful endeavour or use the act of just falling short, to power them on to greater achievements. By showing children what active co-operation and an adventurous outlook can achieve, they learn to become adaptable, collaborating creatively, exploring new possibilities and challenging their own limits.