Our ethos and values are very much in evidence from Early Years Foundation Stage right through to Year 2.

From the age of three, children are welcomed into our school by caring and experienced staff, who are dedicated to creating a happy and enjoyable environment where our very youngest pupils can thrive. Our primary focus is on making learning fun and exciting, by igniting their curiosity, building on interests and developing the talents, passions and potential that will help our children on their way to a successful, high-achieving future.

Kids working

It’s the way we instil a love of learning from Day One.

Life at the school is rich and varied, with each individual child championed and empowered with a ‘bouncebackability’ that will propel them forward and give them the resilience and character to prevail against all of life’s challenges. From Day One, we equip each child with the tools they will need to succeed and inspire a lifelong love of learning through our proven, play-based teaching approach. In everything we do, our aim to instil a true understanding that everyone deserves ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ and that in every situation and social context, our first instinct is always, kindness.

Our Values

At Wakefield Grammar Pre-Preparatory School we are:


We teach children to respect diversity and appreciate differences. Our pupils speak, listen and interact considerately and show respect for others, their property and their individual choices.


We encourage pupils to become independent learners and problem solvers. When there are setbacks, they learn to reflect, embrace challenges and change course to succeed in the things they set out to achieve.


We are mindful of others, working together, supporting and learning from each other and celebrating other pupils’ success. Each child is taught to show empathy, understanding and unconditional positive regard for those around them.