Joy of Learning

Your son or daughter is full of potential. Strengths, passions and the person they will one day become are not yet known but you and your child should feel excited for what lies ahead, becoming prepared, knowing there is nothing they can’t do. We’d like to help them – and you – on their way. Our classes are small and nurturing with teaching adjusted to meet, challenge and support each child’s individual strengths, pace, interests and needs. Play based learning experiences are integral to our instruction and in developing imagination, creativity and social-emotional wellbeing for all.

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Impact

power of play

Crucial First Years

Children enjoy their days here in a  friendly community – learning, participating , growing.  Each day is a new venture where students learn with their class teacher and also benefit from the talents of specialist teachers in PE, games, music and languages.  

The learning children do in their first year of school is significant, setting the foundations for their future success. We’re committed to ensuring this and students work in small classes through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with their class teacher who adapts and tailors teaching to each child individually, seeking out opportunities for each to succeed and go above and beyond in their learning and extracurricular participation.

The Power of Play

We understand that how children learn is as important as what they learn. We take learning in new directions with  exciting outdoor play spaces to stimulate imagination and use playful learning experiences and themed learning  to engage and inspire.  Students are frequently engaged in the planning of topic work and along with their books  and curricular materials we often head outdoors to learn, expanding knowledge beyond the classroom walls.


Philosophy for Children

Developing key skills for life have early beginnings and we complement the curriculum three times a week with our Philosophy for Children program. Together we focus on the 4Cs of philosophical thinking: critical, collaborative, creative and caring and celebrate and champion each child as they develop these skills and behaviours taking them forward in their learning and relationships with others.

Our philosophy texts this half term

WOW Week

Once a year a very special WOW Week happens – it’s a top secret surprise so students (and parents) have no idea when this will happen.  ‘WOW Week’ is an engaging and immersive curriculum experience for the whole school.  Previous WOW weeks have seen tour school transform into Neverland, Hogwarts, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, Tardis and Medieval Castle. We are currently planning this year’s adventure!

Your son or daughter won’t want the term to end.


Now, Press, Play.

We love bringing learning to life – and so do our students using their pink Now, Press, Play headphones to immerse themselves in stories and experiences.  We use Now, Press, Play technology to further enhance our curriculum.