It’s the way we help children to ACHIEVE THE EXTRAORDINARY.

The fabulous facilities in our school enable our children to grow together, play together and achieve together. We’re fortunate in having dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces which encourage children to explore, discover and showcase everything they have learned. We’re also able to access the wide-ranging facilities enjoyed by our Junior and Senior Schools, Wakefield Girls’ and QEGS, such as Owl’s Den (Forest School), Jubilee Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Hartley Pavilion and extensive games fields, a swimming pool and a theatre.


Nurturing talent

Nurturing talent and inspiring individuality.

In each classroom, reading areas are accompanied by well-resourced displays which enable children to develop a sense of independent achievement.  Elsewhere, a music room and D/T room allow pupils to express their talents across many spheres. Our Foundation Stage students have their own classrooms, teaching spaces, indoor/outdoor classroom and creative room. While Years 1 and 2 have classrooms in a dedicated Key Stage 1 area., including a versatile playground set up for creativity and outdoor play, imaginative role play and the development of gross motor skills.

From the earliest age, our children are well read.

Reading is at the heart of our school and we encourage all to read for pleasure. Inspiration is all around, from the newly refurbished library which offers a designated space to enjoy books and the reading vending machine in our lobby, to the wide availability of carefully selected texts and the many reading quotes which adorn our walls.