Foundation Stage 1

Nursery Rhyme Workshop

20th March 2024

This week, we were delighted to have the families of children in Foundation Stage One join us for a Nursery Rhyme session at school. The session included various activities related to nursery rhymes, as well as a brief workshop for parents on the significance of nursery rhymes and ways to support children’s language development through rhymes and stories. The activities offered a wide range of options, from creating an Incy Wincy Spider using creative skills, to honing fine motor skills by spreading butter on a currant bun.

Nursery rhymes and songs for young children have been passed down for generations and are not only enjoyable for children, but also foster a nurturing bond between parent and child. As we recite simple nursery rhymes or sing songs with children, we are also providing them with great educational value. Through these activities, children learn new vocabulary, proper word articulation, voice modulation, and clear enunciation. They also practice pitch, volume, and voice inflection while experiencing the rhythm of language. By repeating these rhymes, children effortlessly learn to pronounce words and develop early literacy skills. Furthermore, nursery rhymes often contain vivid imagery and descriptive language, stimulating creativity and imagination in young minds. These rhymes can also aid in the development of maths skills such as counting, sequencing, and pattern recognition. Children can learn concepts like numbers, sizes, and shapes in an engaging and fun way.

The rhythmic and repetitive nature of nursery rhymes can have a soothing effect, providing a sense of comfort and security for children. By singing and incorporating actions into the rhymes, children also improve their coordination and motor skills. Additionally, singing nursery rhymes in a group setting promotes social interaction, teamwork, and communication skills. Repeating nursery rhymes also has cognitive benefits as it stimulates memory and attention, laying a strong foundation for future learning and development.

Mrs J Smith

FS1 Teacher

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