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19th March 2024

Last week, the children in FS1 were introduced to their new key text, Each Peach Pear Plum. As part of their learning, they tasted various fruits and then created a bar graph to determine their favourite fruit (which turned out to be mango). For snack time, the children used their fine motor skills to make sandwiches with jam and butter. They also learned about Ramadan and used a calendar to track the days.

Meanwhile, in FS2, the focus was on learning about ways to stay healthy. One suggestion was to eat more fruit, so each child made a fruit kebab with a repeated pattern. The general consensus was that they were delicious! At the Owl’s Den, the children explored patterns in nature and created their own versions using 2D and 3D shapes. They also learned a new skill, kneading, and made bread which they then cooked over a campfire. The children were excited to have a visit from a dentist who taught them about teeth and how to take care of them.

In Year One, the children took on the role of chocolatiers as they prepared their final product for Willy Wonka. They enjoyed designing and making their creations and will have the chance to taste them at home. In literacy, the children wrote about alligators, inspired by the story “Alan’s Big Scary Teeth” by Jarvis. They also learned about the rainforest and its different layers, as well as the creatures that inhabit it. In PSHE, the focus was on exercise and its effects on the body. The children had fun trying different activities to raise their heart rate, including joining Joe Wicks for some exercise sessions.

The Year 2 children had a great time at the Cathedral, where they experienced the Easter story through various forms of storytelling. In literacy, the children wrote a spotlight piece about Captain Smith, worked on their comprehension skills, and became punctuation detectives, finding errors in texts. In maths, the children practiced measuring using centimetres and metres and applied their knowledge to solve problems. Finally, in topic, the children collaborated on designing the Titanic, which proved to be a popular activity.

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