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12th March 2024

Last week’s primary events included World Book Day and the Year 2 Mother’s Day assembly, which can be found in previous news articles. Let’s see what else our young learners were up to last week… In FS1, the arrival of nine eggs in an incubator brought excitement to the children. As the eggs began to crack, they eagerly anticipated the hatching and now have the important responsibility of caring for nine adorable chicks. Inspired by the book “The Little Red Hen,” the children made their own bread and even shaped it into hedgehog rolls. They also learned about windmills and created their own using scissors and split pins. In the garden, the little inventors learned how to make pulley systems to lift bags of flour. FS2 children learned about healthy and unhealthy foods, and the importance of a balanced diet, which connects to their current key text “Oliver’s Vegetables.”

Year 1 children practiced saying the days, months, and seasons in French, challenging themselves to outdo the teacher as language detectives. In PE, the focus was on gymnastics, specifically the core skills of rolling, balancing, climbing, jumping, and landing. The children enjoyed using the climbing frames to further develop these skills.

As part of their Titanic topic, Year 2 children worked in small groups to construct a replica of the ship. They carefully planned and paid attention to detail to accurately recreate the design. In maths, the children began learning about measurements in centimetres and meters.

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