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4th March 2024

The children in FS1 were visited by a dentist, who spoke to them about oral hygiene and the role of a dentist. They used models of teeth to practise teeth cleaning and learned about how to look after their teeth. The children have been thinking about the life cycle of a chicken and have been involved in some super secret art work. Outside, the children have been preparing to plant potatoes by chitting the seeds.

FS2 have been looking at intervals of time this week. All the children have investigated how long it takes to make the perfect slice of golden toast. They conducted an experiment to find out many minutes it took and what happened if the bread was in the toaster too long. On Wednesday morning, the children were surprised to find that a giant had thrown mud splodges at different heights around the EYFS playground and they measured how high each splodge was.

Year 1 braved the weather and visited the Owl’s Den, where the children showed great respect for the environment as the first signs of spring can be spotted. The children have embraced the latest challenge given to them by Willy Wonka and have been tantalising their taste buds in the classroom, tasting, reviewing and giving star ratings to their ingredients for their chocolate lolly, taking inspiration from their novel guided reading book, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

Year 2 visited the Owl’s Den and used their maths measuring and division skills to work out the approximate height and age of the trees in the Owl’s Den. They were shocked to see that some of the trees were even older than the teachers (maybe only just!) They made stick men (including a zip line for them to enjoy) and built shelters big enough to get inside. In literacy, the children have each composed a poem for someone special to them and have been preparing for the special assembly next week for Mother’s Day.

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