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Launch of our ACE Programme

8th February 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of ACE – our specialist Award For Character Education programme for students across Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 3. This programme will  support each student to explore and express their character while building the important qualities, skills, and traits that will help them succeed in life. These include resilience, empathy, self-belief, motivation, persistence, self-control, and coping skills, as well as virtues like compassion, curiosity, civility, and determination.

The Year 2 girls were very excited to each receive their ACE programme folder which contains 50 tasks to complete, or pick and choose from. The tasks are age appropriate and the girls will have this year and next year to complete them. This is a fantastic, exciting way to engage the children to work on skills as they grow older and look forward to moving into Year 3.

Throughout the year, there will be “checkpoints” where students can provide evidence of their completed tasks. This evidence can take the form of photographs, practical demonstrations, presentations, or written examples. By completing 40 out of the 50 tasks, the children will receive a certificate and a beautiful badge to be proudly worn on their blazer!

We believe that this programme will not only help our children develop important life skills but also encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and persevere when faced with challenges. We are excited to see the experiences, achievements, and adventures that they will undertake as part of this programme.

Miss H Coe 

Year 6 Teacher and Art and Creative Curriculum Lead


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