Foundation Stage 2

FS2 Stories at Bedtime

26th January 2024

On Thursday 25th January, the FS2 children were invited to stay at school at the end of the day for Stories at Bedtime. They snuggled up in their pyjamas with their favourite teddy and enjoyed hot chocolate and a cookie, whilst listening to bedtime stories.

Staff from across the Foundation of schools participated in this event, putting on their pyjamas to read stories to the children. This is a fantastic way of familiarising the children with teachers from the Junior and Senior sections, ensuring a smooth transition through the schools.

Bedtime stories provide a myriad of benefits for both parents and children. Snuggling up at the end of a day and reading a story together is a great bonding experience between parent and child, as the child has their parent’s undivided attention. Communication skills are developed as the child asks questions about the story and sparks their imagination. As part of the bedtime routine, a story is a calming activity, which helps to promote a good night’s sleep. There are also cognitive benefits such as attention, memory, problem-solving, critical thinking and children are able to retain information from an early age.

All the children received a book at the end of the session to enjoy at home with their families.

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