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23rd January 2024

In FS1, the children have been loving the cold weather as we continue to learn about winter. Some of their toys were trapped in ice and the children had to find ways to melt the ice to set the toys free. After experimenting outside the children came inside to warm upand learnt to spread butter on freshly made toast. They enjoyed a visit from the Year 1 children, who had created their own board games to play with the younger children. The older children’s kindness shone through as they helped the little members of Pre-Prep.

The children in FS2 have been putting their engineering skills into practice when adding some creative adaptations to Mrs Armitage’s bike. The children joined together with the Year 2 children, listening to instructions and practising their counting and addition skills, playing the games that the older children had invented for them. The children studied our horse chestnut tree, noticing changes to the tree and discovering buds starting to grow on the end of each branch and the shoots of the snowdrops starting to grow underneath the tree. On Thursday, a group of children enjoyed a bus ride to the Hepworth Gallery.

The current topic in Year 1 is chocolate and the children enjoyed taking part in a chocolate workshop, where they became cocoa farmers, selling their beans for a fair price. In art, the children have enjoyed exploring Aztec mask designing.

Finally, in Year 2 the children have been counting money, a valuable skill which they can continue to practise in day to day life. In literacy, and topic lessons the children have started to find facts about the Titanic. This will inform their work when writing a newspaper report about the ill fated maiden voyage. The children have found this work fascinating so far and are looking forward to the topic as it unfolds this term.

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