Foundation Stage 1

Weekly Highlights

28th November 2023

Here is a snapshot of our week in Pre-Prep!

In Foundation Stage 1 this week, the children have been making story maps of the Gingerbread Man story and using them to retell the story. They enjoyed making their own delicious gingerbread men and were very happy that they did not run away, like the one in the story! They have also been getting busy in the mud kitchen, grinding fresh ginger and talking about what it smells like. One of our key worker groups enjoyed a trip to the Owl’s Den, where they made leaf wands and explored the magical grounds. Rehearsals are underway for the Nativity, and the children were thrilled to try on their costumes and have been singing their hearts out – we are so proud them.

It has been a festive week of learning in Foundation Stage 2, with Nativity rehearsals in full swing. The children have been absolute stars, listening well and taking on board all the suggestions to bring their characters to life. We have also been learning all about Christmas traditions around the world, using Google maps to explore the different countries. The children were intrigued to learn how countries and cultures around the world celebrate Christmas.

Year 1 have also been exploring Christmas traditions around the world and learnt that in Switzerland advent is celebrated with some villages creating a ‘real’ advent calendar by decorating an advent window and each house holding a party on their day of advent. The children have used this idea to create their own stained glass advent candles in their classroom windows.

In Year 2, the children have been learning to weave, and they have each used this new skill to create a 2024 calendar. Linked to the current class book, Traction Man, the children were challenged to make a moving vehicle. Embracing the challenge, the children showed determination as they designed, created and evaluated their vehicle, which they were then proud to take home.

We welcomed parents in to school on Thursday to look at the children’s work, which is always a highlight for the children who are proud to lead the way to their classrooms to show their parents the fantastic work they have done.

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