Year 2

Year 2 travel to Holmfirth for Art Workshop

10th November 2023

On Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November, Year 2 pupils travelled to Holmfirth to visit Holmfirth Tech and participate in an engaging art workshop, hosted by The Children’s Art School. The aim of the workshop is to create extraordinary, hands-on, creative opportunities for children to engage in art and culture in order to develop creative thinking skills, champion individual creativity and strengthen bonds between peers.

Throughout their day, the children viewed the art exhibition on display at Holmfirth Tech, finding it very inspirational seeing such large, impressive art-pieces so closely. They printed with rollers, to set the scene for their large group artwork – learning from experts about how to use the rollers and mix the paints. Next, they made their own poppies which were then joined together to contribute to a field of poppies. 

A highlight for many of the children was when they created their own horse heads. Using cardboard, paints, pens, stick-on fur, and their imagination – they all made wonderful and unique horse heads, inspired by ‘War Horse’ by Michael Morpurgo.

It was a brilliant day enabling children to get their hands dirty and explore their creativity whilst relating more on the act of Remembrance and learning about the significance of poppies in relation to World War I.

Mrs J Walton, Year 2 Lead

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