World Smile Day

12th October 2023

Last week, as part of World Smile Day, we rolled out of bed and into school wearing our pyjamas! This event was in support of Wakefield Hospice and the Clarendon Wing at Leeds Hospital and we are delighted to announce that we raised £412.63.

Fundraising is at the forefront of many of our school activities, and our children develop a caring mindset from a very young age. We encourage our children to come together and work as a team to support deserving charities, developing a sense of empathy and social responsibility.

The children in FS1 were delighted when an unexpected visitor popped his head around the classroom door. Treacle the Bear, Wakefield Hospice’s mascot, paid us a visit to thank the children for their efforts. We love to receive visits and messages from the charities that we support and it is fantastic for the children to see that they are making a real difference.

In After School Care, the children enjoyed a cosy film night in their PJs, snuggling up to watch a film with their friends at the end of a fun day. Pre-Prep truly is a positive and wonderful place to be.

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