Reflections from our Head Girl / Boy Team

5th July 2023

In Pre-prep, we encourage and teach our children to speak up, ask questions, share and present ideas, debate topics and reason with confidence. We encourage our children to take on responsibility at the first opportunity, so they learn that good leadership and good teamwork go hand in hand.

Here we speak with our super outgoing Head Boy and Girl team and their deputies for their reflections on leading in Pre-prep this academic year:  Joseph Hall, Alexis Chineme, Harry Evans and Sophia Newsam. 

Joseph: Thank you so much to the staff and governors for giving us the opportunities we have had this year. I have been head Boy at the Pre-Prep this year. I really enjoyed opening the library.  My advice to the next head boy is to make good suggestions for where Mrs Gill will take you for the end of term surprise!

Alexis: I never thought at 7 that I would be Head Girl. It has been both an honour and a privilege. It has not always been easy but the role has evolved over this year and we know we have had a positive impact on the school and the wider foundation. 

Harry: We have been optimistic and well behaved role models to the younger children and also affected practical changes both within the Pre-Prep and also at the junior sections. For example by writing to Mrs Gill to persuade her to allow us to fundraise for chess tables and also convincing Mr Thompson and Mr Rowley to introduce some of the clubs we have enjoyed at the Pre-Prep to QEGS and Wakefield Girls’ so we can continue to develop these talents. I have enjoyed being Deputy Head boy this year. My advice is to be kind and helpful. I have loved having meetings which have changed our school and going to other schools in the Foundation to speak to their headteachers. 

Sophia: In my opinion, you have to be responsible. You have to be grown up about things. Then be sensible to be the deputy head girl – it is an important role. I have liked it because I am in a team of 4 and it feels good to be one of them. We have had meetings to help improve the school. If you want to be a deputy head girl, you really need to be mature. 


Well done to our outgoing Head Girl / Boy  team –  you have been brilliant role models.

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