Foundation Stage 2

FS2 Green Moon Trip

28th June 2023

On Tuesday 27th June, FS1 travelled to ‘This Green Moon’ at Swillington Organic Farm in Leeds, for a magical day trip discovering all the wonderful creatures living in the Forest!

The day began by taking the short bus trip to Leeds, with the journey filled with fun games of eye-spy and tic-tac-toe. Upon arrival the children all met their hosts Paul and Matt who were touring us around the farm. 

Throughout the morning, the children explored around the forest, discovering all of the magical creatures living in the Forest. They walked to the entrance of a cave, where a friendly troll called Victoria lives. Unfortunately she was sleeping at the time, so couldn’t meet the children, but we were all very excited to hear her loud but melodic snoring. They made clay models of woodland creatures, decorating the clay with sticks, small rocks, berries, feathers and anything else they could find in the woods – we had some wonderful caterpillars, owls and hedgehogs.

At lunchtime the children eagerly tucked into their packed lunches, before setting off on another adventure. This time they were looking for pieces of coloured string, which was left behind by the magical creatures in the forest. The string was then used to make special bracelets which would indicate to the creatures in the forest that the children were friendly and they could come out of their hiding spots. 

To round off the day, FS1 all collected sticks around the forest and then congregated around the firepit, as the leaders used their sticks to create a fire, and then enjoyed toasted marshmallows

Mrs M Robinson



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