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Year 2 Perform ‘The Wild Bunch’!

27th June 2023

Our Year 2 children put on a brilliant production of ‘The Wild Bunch’ on Monday evening. 

The play focused on a group of wild flowers, insects and animals who live contentedly in their small patch of ground, until one day their homes are threatened…

Our wonderful Year 2 cast comprises of:

Dandelions: Amaan, Kavishna, Yousuf, Leena, Zaynab.

Dragonfly: Arianna, Rosa, Harry.

Bindweed: Habiba, Simra, Margaux, Tanvi, Zakariya, Joella, Eva A, Ayman, Leo B, Rex.

Toadflax: Sophia, Ahmad, Eva B, Musa, Erin, Callum, Joseph, Zach, Isobel, Summer.

Bee Orchids: Yasmeen, Hattie, Hadi, Kareena, Robin, Marty, William, Dexter, George L, Eli.

Thistles: Joe, Alexis, Len, Leo D, Alexa, Zeke, Charles, Hugo, Shahnoor, Sophie, Joshua.

Ducks: James, George C, Olivia, Isla.

Daisies: Genevieve, Ali, Lawrence, Emily, Connie, Azmina, Anjola, Zackaria, Seb W, Edie.

Frogs: Buzz, Will, Anna, Seth.

We hope you enjoyed our production, which the children have worked so hard on this term, and we would like to thank all parents, carers and friends for your support in attending the production.

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