Foundation Stage 2

FS2 Perform ‘Billy No Buzz’!

19th May 2023

Our FS2 children have been working very hard the past few weeks – learning songs in their music lessons over the half term and rehearsing their lines and acting over the last two weeks – to put on a spectacular show for parents this week. 

We welcomed our FS2 parents to join us for brunch in the hall, so they could enjoy their children’s performance whilst having tea, coffee, juice and scrumptious breakfast foods. 

The children were performing ‘Billy no Buzz’, the story of a happy little Bee named Billy who just wants to make friends. Unfortunately for Billy, there is just one problem, he doesn’t have a buzz! The other bees find this strange and don’t want to be his friend. He wanders around the garden trying to find someone to play with. All the insects are just too busy. The play concluded on the poignant note that it is ‘always easiest to be friends’, a message we encourage all our children to follow.


We had a wonderful array of buzzy bees, wiggly worms, spiders, ladybirds, and many more garden wildlife…

Billy: Millie.

Queen Bee: Sylvie.

Ladybirds: Reyna, Imaan, Toby, Sebastian, Thomas, F-P, Monty, Musa.

Caterpillars: Poppy Thomas C, Beaux, Victoria, Matilda, Zayn.

Spiders: Ayaan, Alfie, Yuv, Sam, Saif, Bigie.

Worker Bees: Ilakiya, Eleanor, Rhys, Olive.

Ants: Hashim, Willow, Finn, Charlotte R, India, Alexander.

Worms: Yaqoob, Harry, Josie, Ella, Isabella, Charlotte H.

Dragonfly: Lucia, Alaina, Harriet, Gracie, Ava, Amaya.

Narrators: Charlie, Benjamin, Bertie, Mason, Harrison, Adeline, Nael, Louis, Sofia, Jack, Henry, Raife, Ruhaan, Luca, Zak, Finley, Alijah, Sana, Zainab, Rayhan.


We hope all our FS2 parents enjoyed our production – thank you for being a wonderful audience. Moreover, our thanks and congratulations to our brilliant FS2 children for their beautiful singing and confident speaking. 

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