Why I Love Being A Student Leader

31st March 2023

Nurturing our children and encouraging each to speak up, ask questions, share and present ideas, debate topics and reason with confidence is at the heart of our school. Big futures start early and by encouraging children to take on responsibility at the first opportunity, children soon learn that good leadership and good teamwork go hand in hand.

In this article, our Deputy Head Boy, Harry, and one of our Prefects, James,  meet up and share their experiences and advice for younger students.


What got me started

I wrote a letter to our Headteacher Mrs Gill.

‘Dear Mrs Gill, 

I have had some ideas. Please can we have a Year 2 chess club. It could be at lunch time. We would need some chess boards. We could raise some money to buy them. We would need a teacher to run it and teach us. 

My brother and I have spare football boots. We found a charity that collects boots that are given to people in Yorkshire. Please can Mum and I get a collection box sent to school. We can collect old boots and Mum said she will take them to Leeds on her way to work. It is good for the planet and helps people. 

Love from, 



Why you should apply to be a prefect

You will learn lots of new skills:  resilience, responsibility, courage.  You can also make a difference to people in and outside of school.


Advice for younger students

You can prepare by being positive and thinking about the skills you already have and how to use them.


What are the best bits ?

Working together as a team of 12. We work hard because it’s not always easy but we keep going! You also, as a gift, get a lanyard and a notebook !


Thank you Harry and James !

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