Meet our Student Council Leaders

23rd March 2023

In Pre-prep we encourage our children to be Little Leaders – individuals who are confident, eager and developing skills to take on new challenges and responsibilities.

We offer plenty of leadership opportunities throughout the school and today we celebrate the appointment of our new School Council, comprising two elected students from every Year 2 class. Congratulations go to Olivia, Zackaria, Summer, Rex, Genevieve, Connie, Hadi and Gia who received their leadership positions in our Celebration Assembly.

We had so many members of Year 2 who put themselves forward, it was extremely difficult for the children to vote for who to pick as they all delivered brilliant speeches. The children identified skills that they possess; for example being reliable, listening carefully, being patient and being kind.

Following their first meeting with Mrs Butler and myself, the councillors proposed having a Feel Good Friday event. They are now working with staff to plan this event, which will be happening in May. 

Congratulations go to our school councillors on their election and their hard work and commitment to their roles so far!


How to Get Involved

Every year, our Year 2 children have the opportunity to become members of our School Council. To be elected School Councillors, those children interested in the roles prepare and deliver short speeches to their class all about why they would make a great School Councillor.   

Once elected, School Councillors represent their form’s ideas and opinions in School Council meetings every half term with Deputy Head, Mrs Butler and myself. In practice our councillors are very proactive and hence the meetings occur more frequently, whenever they have a suggestion they’d like to put forward ! 

We love giving the children this responsibility, as we see them flourish; they grow in confidence, especially in their public speaking skills, voicing what matters to them and their peers.


Mrs E Gill 


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