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Bee Sustainable!

21st March 2023

Today we have welcomed Anna who is the Sustainability Coordinator for our catering company Holdroyd Howe. She joined us in lessons throughout the day to deliver an engaging talk on bees, why they are so important for our planet and to discuss the topic of sustainability. 

She provided the children with lots of interesting facts about bees. For example, there are 20,000 different species of bees, yet only 7 of those species produce honey! She also explained why bees are so important to our ecosystem – as they pollinate a third of the world’s crops, and so without them our food supply would be severely limited. The children were surprised to discover that bees even pollinate the cacao tree which seeds are used to make chocolate! 

We were very impressed by the insightful questions the children asked at the end of the workshop; such as ‘How do beekeepers know which bee is the Queen Bee?’, and a very philosophical question from one Year 2 student who asked ‘How was the first ever bee born?’. 

Thank you Holroyd Howe for supporting our Sustainability learning topic.

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