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Year 1 Trip to St Johns Church

17th March 2023

As part of their studies, Year 1 have been learning about Christianity.   Everyone was very excited to see some of the things we have been discussing in lessons and on Friday 17th March, we took a short walk to visit St John’s Church to do just that.   We were welcomed by Reverend Stephanie who showed us around the church.

The Reverend spoke to the children about features inside a Christian Church, such as the altar, pews, stained glass windows, the font and pulpit.   Our children were all ready to enrich their learning and with organised clipboards set off to explore the church and investigate key items close up. 

The children had a great time trying to find and count the number of crosses in the church (there were quite a few!), and learning just how old the church is (nearly 230 years old!). The children were amazed to hear about the history of the church, which they see every day as they are entering and leaving school.

In previous weeks Year 1 children have been learning about different aspects of the Christian church, such as candles – why they are used and what they represent. They created their own model candles by using origami techniques of folding paper and then decorating them to look like real flames.

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