Year 1

Year 1 Explored the Five Senses

27th February 2023

Year 1 had a great week. They have been exploring their 5 senses and tasting bitter, sour, sweet and salty foods…. Can you taste the difference? In their PE lessons the children have been exploring the climbing frames in the hall to practise their gymnastics skills. They have been problem solving to work out how to get to the top, move across and around to the other side and have really enjoyed this apparatus! You may have heard their cheers as they have encouraged and supported each other. In games lessons they are doing lots of work in pairs and small groups to aid their cooperative and communicative skills. They have been thinking about how they can be safe in the spaces that they use to play, avoiding contact and moving in different ways. It was a very energetic final week of the half term! Well done, Year 1.

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